2024 Speakers

Our Esteemed Speakers

Michael D. Lynn, CMP-Emeritus-Fellow-CEM-Emeritus, CMM, CME, CPC, CPECP

Speaker - Feb 2024

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Crystal Walker,  CTA

Speaker - Feb 2024

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Jayna Monroe, CMP-Emeritus

Speaker - Feb 2024.

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Marti Fox, CMP, CMM, CPECP

Speaker - Feb 2024.

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Mary German -CMP, CDME

Speaker - May 2024

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The Mason Dallas

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Feb Venue

Kevin Curtis

Kevin Curtis Music

Music for Feb Luncheon

Deborah Colleen Rose

Miles of Smiles Events

Kiss Readings for Feb Luncheon

Chris Horace

Inkredible Sounds

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Kim Meth, CEO

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Surprise Sponsor for Feb Luncheon

Sarah Baker, Director of Catering

Culinaire International ~ Food Glorious Food Catering

Crystal Walker

Idea Fountain, Inc

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Hotel Stay - NYLO
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Holiday Inn
Rangers Ballpark

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